IT Offshoring – A Cost-Oriented Aanalysis
This paper of Professor M. Amberg is about identification, analysing and classifying the relevant expense factors of IT-Offshoring Projects in a framework.

Offshore Outsourcing in an Increasingly Competitive and Rapidly Changing World
This artice shows the opportunities which are given by Offshoring by means of the us-american economy when the acting power is controlled and canalised

Introduction guidelines

EPI Issue Guide Offshoring
The "Issue Guide Offshoring" of the Economic Policy Insitutes (EPI) offers an introduction in Offshoring of complex transactions and their consequences to the us-american economy

IT-Offshoring - Was geht? Was geht nicht?
This article offers a clear and simple introduction in the opportunities and limits of IT-Offshoring

Hybrid Value-Driven Delivery (HVDD) Model Agile/Offshore Delivery Process Specifications
The HVDD is based on an agile software development approach. This approach is made of an amout of principles and acknowledged practices which concentrate on communication and flexibility instead of fixed processes and a lot of documentaion.

BITKOM-Leitfaden Offshore
The BITKOM guideline is supposed help deciders of all sectors to control and plan Offshore-Projects.

Kontrolle behalten
The potencials of Offshoring of IT- performances are high and will remain so in the next years. In the meantime while the maturity of the Offshore market is increasing mechanisms and instruments have emerged which make the offshore risks controllable


ACM Globalization Report
The report "Globalization and Offshoring of Software" of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) analyses the reasons for the fast globalisation of the IT and the associated migration process of IT jobs.

Herausforderung Offshoring – Internationalisierung und Auslagerung von IT-Dienstenleistungen
This study shows that Offshoring is an expression of anTIEFER LIEGEND? trend: Now the globalisation covers also more complex services in the IT field.

Offshore IT für den Mittelstand
Guideline for creating and saving jobs by the Offshore-IT-development within the internationalisation of the middle class in Bayern Software Forum e.V.

Offshoring-Report 2005 – Ready for Take-off
This report of the Deutsche Bank and the BITKOM makes the conclusion that Process outsourcing to foreign countries keeps the effects on the job situation in germany within a limit.

Risikofaktoren in IT-Offshoring Projekten
Results of the INTARGIA Research study about risk factors in IT-Offshoring-Projects, March, 2005


Offshore - Dossier -
a good homepage for beginners with multiplexed information about Offshoring.

IT-Strategien -
also a good homepage for beginners with not so many but all the more detailed information

International Outsourcing
This is the homepage of the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg. This university deals specifically with the key factors of an Offshoring Decision.

Bitkom Leitfäden Offshoring
Guideline about Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring from the Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft Telekommunikation und neue Medien (BITKOM)

Competence-site - Offhore
Collection of different contributions about Offshoring

Datenschutz beim Outsourcing
Practical guideline with exemplars of the Association for Data Protection and Data Backups